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Stunning Ruby Hexagonal Cut Record Keeper #4

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Ruby Record Keeper crystals are extraordinary due to the natural triangular shapes that are naturally etched on the surface of the stones, which are the reason why this type of crystal is also known as a Record Keeper Crystal. 

Many Esoterics and New Age enthusiasts believe that record keeper crystals have important metaphysical properties, and that they hold ancient knowledge and wisdom and allow you to more easily access the Akashic Records.

The ruby is incredibly important in spirituality and crystal healing.

Due to its deep and beautiful red color, this crystal is symbolic of blood and life force, and is said to bring energy, strength, power, and vitality to its user. Rubies are recommended to those who need an energy boost or if you are lacking passion and willpower. As a love stone, the ruby crystal is deeply symbolic of romance and may strengthen your relationships and bring an abundance of loving energy. 


Length-5 cm

Width- 4.5 cm

Height- 3 cm