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Dazzling Pink Aragonite Hearts ~ One Medium Heart Carving ~ Cobaltine Calcite

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These gorgeous puffy heart carvings originated from Pakistan. This listing is for ONE of the exact crystal carving pictured here. It will be intuitevely hand selected by Kellie. We welcome notes if you prefer a specific one or two that you like the most! 

Chakra: Heart

Teaches: Patience, Orginization and Alignment with flulfilling one's missions. 

Aragonite is beneficial for those who seek to overcome anger and to master self discipline and remaining centered and grounded in their mission. This beautiul pink gemstone is in resonance with the heart chakra, clearing and balancing the energy in this space to allow for more energy to flow through. This allows for the user to experience deeper and more meaningful connections and operate from a place of love. Use Pink Aragonite to clear the clutter of ones mind to set a clearer vision for one's future timeline. Tune in with your energy when using this crystal will allow your heart space to soften and open with the subtle and beautiful energies that it has to offer. Pink Aragonite is also known as Pink Cobaltine Calcite and Cobalto Calcite. 


L- 1.5"

W- 1"

H- 2"