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Rough Moqui Marbles~ Set of 5 Marbles ~ Sound and Vibration Healing

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This listing is for ONE SET OF 5 of the specimens pictured here.

The metaphysical and healing properties of these Moqui Marble balls seem to overlap but healing properties tend to focus more on correcting and reducing the severity of past emotional trauma and physical pain. The energy released from the stones can infuse happiness into relationships. These Moqui Marbles are great when doing reiki healing and energy work through sound and sound bath healing. Moqui Marbles will clear you of all of your emotional pains and blockages and help you heal from and to release all the hurtful memories. They will support you in bringing all the lessons to light so that you can truly learn from them in order to move along in your school of thought. Moqui Marbles will remove all traces of self-doubt and highlight your true spiritual power.