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Earth Family Crystals is an online crystal boutique that has been lovingly curating rare and unique Mineral, Crystal and Fossil specimens world-wide since 2011. Earth Family Crystals has shipped out over 7,000 parcels to every part of the globe and we can't wait to curate the next special specimen for your collection! Recently in October 2022 , Earth Family Crystals has started a new chapter and the headquarters are now located in Northeastern, Ohio. With the start of this new chapter brings on an exciting journey for the new owners of Earth Family Crystals, husband and wife - Chadd and Kellie Kasper. Chadd and Kellie are both nature enthusiasts, exploring new places and spreading healing love to others every chance they can with their growing pack of cubs :)

The relationship we build with our customers is valuable to us and we look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you. Send us a message with any questions or requests. We are always happy to assist you in finding the best crystals for your personal needs. Check our website often for new gems and treasures that we continuously add to our online collection.


Wishing you an abundance of health and blessings - Kellie & Chadd (owners and operators of Earth Family Crystals)

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