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Set of 2~Sweet Shimmering Angel Aura Spirit Quartz Points

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Weight: 16 g

This listing is for a set of 2 Angel Aura crystals from this picture. They will be selected for you with the utmost care.

The shimmering shades of iridescent colours that highlight Angel Aura Quartz immediately put one in mind of the Angels. There is something delicately uplifting about Angel Aura Quartz, a quality of sweetness that stimulates the spirit and elevates one's mood. Meditating with these stones may help one move beyond the body and go to one's "Inner Temple." This is a place of rest and purification, in which Angelic guides are present, ready to help release stress and move into deep peace.

Dimensions Approximately per point:
Length -3.0 cm
Width -2.0 cm
Height -1.5 cm