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Strawberry and Fire Quartz 1.44 KG Jumbo Intricate Skull Carving~ Hand Carved Details, Mine Direct from Brazil

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Weight: 1800 g

This listing is for the exact crystal carving pictured here that was hand selected in Tucson at the Rock and Gem Shows in 2024 due to its high quality and energetic integrity. If you are an energy worker or someone who loves to interact with crystal energy, this skull is wonderful for deepening your meditations and connecting you with your higher mind. If you would like to request a video of this amazing carving, please email us at

Strawberry Quartz will support you through emotional healing and heart chakra opening. This crystal aids in releasing of negative emotions and energy blockages, playing a role physically, mentally and spiritually. This Crystal will support the healthy flow of loving energy in your life.

Hematoid (fire) Quartz works in a powerful way to ground in positive energies and healing roots. This crystal works on the Root chakra, Sacral chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. This crystal works to amplify our manifesting abilities, enhances life force energy, and to connect the crown to the root chakra. This is an especially useful tool to use during deep meditation to ground in new and higher frequencies as you receive them. 


Weight: 1.44 KG