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GORGEOUS COLORS Chalcopyrite from Mexico ~ Sets of 6

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This listing is for ONE set of SIX of the specimens pictured here. These are filled with colorful hues ranging from orange, pink, gold, green, blue, purple and more!

Chalcopyrite is a powerful stone that activates and aligns all chakras. It's a powerful tool that has been used to remove blockages of chakras by shamans and spiritual workers since ancient times Chalcopyrite has been known to expand the mind and open it up to a higher realm. This stone opens our third eye to endless visions when meditating with it, while also using our crown chakra to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realms. The energies of this stone on the throat chakra specifically help in bringing in this knowledge to the physical. By being able to talk about what you see, feel and hear, you are making it a physical emotion, confirming its reality. 

Dimensions: (Approx. of each)

Length- 4 cm

Width-4 cm

Height-4 cm