Crystal Feng Shui for Your Home/Office

Crystal Feng Shui for Your Home/Office

Crystal Feng Shui for Your Home/Office

Feng Shui has been around for over 6,000 years, and we’re still using it today to improve the quality of our lives.
“Feng Shui” literally translates to “Wind/Water”.
 It represents the natural energy that we can’t see -- the life giving energy of nature. They knew that this energy was the source of abundance and prosperity on earth.
 The whole idea of Feng Shui, is to use specific shapes, colors and symbolism, to hold the appropriate energies in their corresponding areas of your home or office. Healing crystals hold stores of natural energy, and also allow it to flow smoothly.
Harness the power of Feng Shui by using the bagua map. It’s easy to use, and you can apply it to your home, office, an entire floor of a building, or even just your desk!
Refer to the bagua map below.


North / Front
This part of your Feng Shui map is either The North bagua, or wherever your main entrance is of your home or office. This bagua aligns with the element of water, and the Career sector of your life, and it symbolizes the flow of good energy into your home. Since this sector is where the energy makes its entrance, you will need to keep it well protected.


Northwest / Lower Right
This is the sector where helpful luck comes into your home, and symbolizes lucky opportunities and blessings from others. This corner aligns with the Chinese element of Metal. This is the perfect spot to place a metal dish to collect coins, since it is also about showing gratitude and giving thanks for what you have.
Since Metal rules this sector, a few metallic-colored gemstones are ideal here: Goldstone, Hematite and Pyrite. Pyrite grows in cube-shaped clusters, which makes this gemstone a perfect fit for this corner of the bagua map.


Northeast / Lower Left
This is the bagua map section that represents the Knowledge and Studying part of life. If you’re in school, working on learning new skills, or if you just enjoy learning and studying, you’ll want to amp up the energy in this section.
Place a clear or blue crystal ball here to get the most from this section. Also, crystals like Blue Calcite, Blue Apatite and Blue Lace Agate, with Fluorite to help keep a clear mind.


Southwest / Upper Left
This sector of your life aligns with your relationship and love life. This is the corner or section you should enhance if you’re actively searching for your soulmate. Earth energy rules this area, and the color red works perfectly here to spice things up.
You also don’t it to be too fiery in your bedroom, because you also need to be able to get some rest. This is why Rose Quartz is the perfect Feng Shui healing crystal for this spot.


West / Middle Right
The West end, or the rooms of children in the house is where this type of energy flows. The energy here represents creativity and play in your life, as well as your own children. You will want to keep this creative, playful energy free of stagnation and pure, especially if you’re trying to conceive a child. The element here, is Metal.
The best crystals to keep this area of your home clear: Selenite, Moonstone and Opalite.


South / Upper Middle
At the back of the bagua map in the center, or the South sector, is the Fame sector of the bagua map. This is where the energy will be affecting your real life clout, or your follower count on social media. This is also the home of the element of Fire. Trying to shine more and be seen? Make this area of your home a focal point.
Add some sparkle and flare to the Southern bagua with crystals like Sunstone, Tigers Eye and Citrine. These crystals carry bright, sunny energy that will amplify your intentions and your visibility.


Southeast / Upper Left
In the upper left corner of your bagua, or in the upper left section of your home lies the Wealth bagua. Your personal finances and bank account, and all other manner of material investments are energized here. This sector’s element is the Chinese element of Wood. Spruce up this spot if you are trying to make long term investments, or if you just need more value and abundance in general.
Choose from these crystals for your abundance bagua: Green Moss Agate, Pyrite, Citrine, Green Jade, Green Aventurine.


East / Middle Left
The East or middle left side is the family sector of your home or office. This bagua is ruled by the element of Wood and the color green. This is the section where you would honor your favorite relatives, and bring prosperity and happiness to your family in general.
Choose from these crystals to bring harmony to your family bagua: Celestite, Clear Quartz, Fluorite or Rose Quartz.


Healing Crystals
Healing crystals bring natural energy into your home and office, which is healing, cleansing and energizing. Using crystals in the home helps to bring harmony and balance, and Feng Shui helps it all flow smoothly.


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