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Double Terminated Genuine Herkimer Diamond Quartz with Smoky Phantoms - Ethically Sourced from New York, Purchased Mine Direct

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Weight: 55 g

This listing is for the exact specimen pictured here, hand selected by Kellie at the Tucson Rock and Gem show based off of energetic integrity and clean, high vibrational energy. 

30.3 grams

This crystal is known for its powerful third eye attunement and ability to elevate manifestations. With crystal clear vision, healing, and purity, it stimulates clairvoyance and enhances dreams, visions, and astral travel. Experience the magic of this Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal that was hand selected by Kellie at the Tucson Gem Show from the miner herself! More photos upon request. Reach out to us to request a video of this gorgeous Herkimer! 

Open your Crown, Lunar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras with this treasure.

Discover the magic of Herkimer Diamonds, ethically harvested by a skilled female miner who embraces a sustainable, handcrafted approach. Our Herkimer Diamonds are not just crystals; they're unique expressions of high vibrations, providing a clear bridge to spiritual communication and realizations.

🌟 Why Choose Our Herkimer Diamonds?

  • Ethical Sourcing: Mined by a dedicated, New York miner using minimal power tools, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly process.
  • One of a Kind: Each Herkimer Diamond is distinct, possessing its own unique vibration—uplifting, joyful, purifying—ready to enhance your intentions and frequency.

Manifest Your Dreams with Crystal Clarity: Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Herkimer Diamonds, a powerful tool for manifesting dreams into reality. Their crystal-clear vision aligns with your intentions, uplifting your spirit and creating a harmonious frequency for manifesting the life you desire.

Rainbows of Possibilities: Experience the beauty of natural rainbows within each Herkimer Diamond, signifying a harmonious blend of energies. These crystals serve as a conduit for positivity, elevating your space and enhancing your spiritual journey.

Connect to Your Spiritual Essence: Forge a clear pathway to spiritual communication and realizations with Herkimer Diamonds. Their high vibrations open doors to deeper connections, providing insight and clarity on your spiritual journey.

Let the radiant energy of Herkimer Diamonds illuminate your path, manifest your dreams, and elevate your spirit!