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Very Rare Greek Seriphos Green Quartz Points Nestled On Crystal Matrix on Display Stand~Locality: Serifos, Greece

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This variety of crystal is no longer being found and is considered a rare collectors crystal.

Seriphos Green Quartz is a deep green, leaf-shaped Quartz crystal & is only found on the tiny Greek island of Seriphos, Greece. They are found in a specific area of this island, in a cave underneath the ocean.

Seriphos Green Quartz crystals emanate the most divine energy. One can imagine the flower beds of the higher realms budding with energy such as this.

The paradise of the Seriphos Green Quartz is right here on Earth. Holding these stones may help bring one into the awareness of Earth as Paradise. They emanate a sweet, strong vibration that evokes the state of wholesome enjoyment of physical life and facilitates the attainment of vibrant good health.

Their cosmic energy may help you connect with the energy of both plants and beings living in the natural world. They are outstanding support for healers.

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