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UNIQUE FIND sparkling Adamite with Calcite Specimen

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Weight: 86 g

This truly is a one of a kind high vibrational find!

Adamite supports the heart chakra, solar plexus and lungs, throat chakra and surrounding glands. Adamite stimulates the emotions of love and joy. This powerful specimen can assist those who may feel depressed or experience strong symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. It can assist in clearing the mental fog that is often associated with hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue or a general lack of energy. Adamite is helpful for finding joy in exercise and in seeking physical expression This is a helpful stone for those who need to reconnect with their body or who wish to increase their level of physical fitness. 

This stone also contains calcite, Blue Calcite helps to balance your emotions and remove emotional blockages. This stone  works to open and heal the chakras and to remove any blockages. This may aid in memory support, a great stone to use while learning or studying. 


Length- 7.5 cm

Width- 5 cm

Height- 3.3 cm