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Sparkling ~ Galaxy Blue Goldstone set of 6 Tumbled Stones

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Weight: 100 g

This set of 6 tumbled stones is the ultimate tool for empaths. Sparkling Galaxy Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone known for its abilities to aid in healing and transmuting energies, while helping to increase self-discovery and acceptance. It is associated with both the heart and crown chakra, and is known to soothe hypersensitivity. Also thought to be a connection to the ‘galactic family,’ its shimmering blue-black surface looks like the starry night sky.

This listing is for ONE set of 6 tumbled Blue Goldstones. They will be unintuitively hand selected for you with the utmost love and care.

Dimensions (Approx. for each) :

L- 2 cm

W-  2.5 cm

H- 2.5 cm