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Rough Lizardite ~ Set of 2 ~ Open the Heart Chakra

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This listing is for one set of TWO of the exact specimens pictured here. The set of two will be hand selected for you, intuitively with the utmost love and care.

Lizardite Metaphysical Properties Lizardite resonates the strongest with the 4th Chakra. It clears the blockages in order to allow the flow of the resonating energies to "wake up" the sleeping chakras to flow openly with each other.  The frequency of Lizardite connects to all of the physical chakras and the Earth Star chakra. The connection that this stone shares to the Earth Star chakra allows one to be "in tune" and "resonate" with the energies of Mother Earth. This mineral forms in high magnesium Serpentine veins that have only experienced relatively lower temperatures. 

Dimensions (approx. of each):

L-7 cm

W-4 cm

H-3 cm