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One Small Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated Crystals for Massive Aura Cleansing and Balancing Effect

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Weight: 22 g

This listing is for one of the exact Tibetan Quartz pictured here. 

Chakras: All

Tibetan Quartz crystals are powerful and protective in nature, emitting a bubble of light into its surroundings. These Crystals are found in Tibet and Napal and are typically double terminated and contain black, brown red or grey inclusions. Very useful during meditation, use Tibetan Quartz as a tool to open your third eye and balance all chakras and meridian system. These crystals are perfect for crystal grids to create a vortex of light that permeates the astral realm to provide ultimate shielding from the highest love. 

Please note that crystals & stones are natural items that may have small flaws or imperfections. Please message us with any questions.

Approx. 5-8 grams each