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Ocean Jasper Brain Carving

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Weight: 250 g


This listing is for the exact carving pictured here.

Chakra: Heart , Throat , Solar Plexus 

Lift the veil with the high frequencies of Ocean Jasper. This stone of joy and sweetness will pave the way for a divine connection with the elementals that surround us all. The elementals and fae have done a great deal to paint mother earth with beauty and nature all around us! Activate your Heart, Throat and Solar Plexus chakras with the pleasant and energetic dimensions of this sweet vibing crystal. The Carving in which it is situated is perfect for enhancing the connection between you and spirit realms. This could prove to be a potent tool for channeling light language and having a strengthened connection with communication amongst the elementals. Ocean Jasper teaches us to have a playful spirit, engages us in emotional healing and self - expression. 

Weight and Dimensions:

235.6 grams

L- 7 cm

W- 6 cm

H- 4 cm