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Green Serpentine and Pyrite Bat Carvings from Peru

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Weight: 200 g

This listing is for ONE of the carvings pictured here. If you have a preferred choice, please leave us a note during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate! 

Chakras: All, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Green Serpentine is perfect for personal evolution. It is an ideal tool to awaken kundalini, clear blockages in meridians, and rewire neural pathways. Serpentine is a powerful tool when working energetically to bring the old reptilian part of the brain into service of the higher brain. Its Earth element can work on all chakras and guide behavior, helping to release fears of change and embrace transitions.

Weight and Dimensions (Approx. for each):

96 grams

L- 8.5 g

W- 6.5 g

H- 1.5 g