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Record Keepers~ Rare, Large Rosy Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz Self Healed Cluster

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Samadhi Quartz is an exceptionally rare variety of crystalline Pink Quartz found only in high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains of India. These blush-hue crystals of the Himalayas convey an elegance that simply rival all crystals before them. Their resonance consists of purity and innocence, evoking a sense of renewal, birthing and restoring new timelines for Mother Earth, timelines of Universal blessings.

These unique crystals emit a radiant loving vibration. They are charismatic and warm, with a palpable energy of joy that invites the heart to open freely, completely, and in full trust. Their frequency fills the aura with a blissful peace, releasing the mind to fully appreciate the present moment. Use these crystals to connect to and experience all that is around and to embrace the Divine presence. Like the Samadhi levels of meditation they are named for, these crystals offer love and enlightenment, a spiritual oneness with the Self, with one’s surroundings and All That Is.


L- 5 cm

W- 8 cm

H- 8 cm

163 grams