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Angelite 420 Leaf Carvings ~ Earthy and Uplifitng Vibes

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These fun carvings are made from the sweet stone of Angelite from Peru. This listing is for ONE of the exact crystal carving pictured here. It will be intuitevely hand selected by Kellie. We welcome notes if you prefer a specific one or two that you like the most! 

Chakra: Throat

Teaches: Connection with the Divine, release , strengthened communication

Release your worries and feel the soothing energy of Angelite wash through you. Trust and know that the Divine is there and waiting for you, with open and loving arms. Angelite promotes a serene sense of peace and will relieve you from anxiety, depression or over stimulation. When you are advancing on your spiritual path, you may feel emotions arise due to strengthening your empathic abilities. This soft and gentle stone can helo you to navigate those emotions in a healthy way, helping you to develop your inner sense of love and balance even further. This blue stone may aid in communication with guides, and through working to unblock and open your throat chakra to align your heart and speak clearly from the heart. This may allow for more passionate conversations and intentional conversations. 



L- 1.5"

W- .75"

H- 1.5"