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Ametrine Spirit Quartz ~ Magical Energies and Beatiful Sparkle

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Weight: 25 g

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Chakras - Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

Spirit Quartz is a magical crystal that resonates the strongest with the third eye and crown chakra. Ametrine's duality of Amethyst and Citrine makes it a powerful companion for creative, healing and psychic workings. Ametrine's energies are known to be a powerful stimulant to intellect, awareness and spiritual growth. This crystal will rid the aura of negative energies and work to open psychic doorways in the astral plane. Ametrine Spirit Quartz will provide protection as you journey through unfamiliar planes and landscapes. Use Ametrine such as this to light your way. Ametrine's unique abilities also can work on the physical plane, most notable in the body in digestion, metabolism and enhancing brain function.

Weight & Dimensions:

A- 24.6 grams L- 4.5 cm W- 2.1 H- 2.1

B- 29.0 grams L-5 cm W-2.9 cm H-4 cm

C- 33.6 grams L-4.2 cm W-3.6 cm H-3 cm

D- 45.1 grams L-5.2 cm W-3.2 cm H-3 cm

E- 55.9 grams L-6 cm W-3.1 cm H-2.5 cm

F- 45.3 L-7.4 cm W-3.4 cm H-2 cm