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Amazonite Tapered Pendulum ~ Transmuting and Healing Energies

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Amazonite is great tool to use to strengthen the physical body and resonance with the heart and throat chakras. With their healing water energies, Amazonite is a great choice when working to transmute negative energy. These powerful stones also guide with love, compassion and openness to manifest, while balancing and clearing energy.

Go to your pendulum to ask for spiritual guidance or specific "yes" and "no" answers to your questions. 

How do you ask a pendulum a question?

  1. Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand, grasping the end of the chain and allowing the crystal to hang loose above a table.
  2. When the pendulum is still, ask the question “What is yes?” The pendulum will begin to move, and this indicates what the answer “Yes” looks like.

The Law of Pendulum ~ Also called pendulum law . Physics. a law, discovered by Galileo in 1602, that describes the regular, swinging motion of a pendulum by the action of gravity and acquired momentum. the theory holding that trends in culture, politics, etc., tend to swing back and forth between opposite extremes.



length- 4 cm

width- 2 cm

height- 2 cm