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Amazing Flash~ Larvikite Pillow Palm Stone Carving ~Access Higher Realms with Protective Energy~

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Weight: 140 g

This listing is for ONE of the pillow palm carvings pictured here. This is a beautiful shape to carry as an everyday protector, or for use during meditation and massage. This carving will be hand selected for you with intuitive guidance and care.

The wisdom of Larvikite brings a protective cloak to the user, physically, spiritually and mentally. Larvikite awakens and enhances clairvoyant abilities, stimulates soul memory and recall as well as youth and vitality. Bring out your healed inner child with the protective and energetic capabilities of this amazing igneous rock. Another great use for Larvikite is to help connect with Nature Spirits.


L- 6 cm

W- 5 cm

H- 3 cm