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Happy Summer Solstice Crystal Lovers!

Happy Summer Solstice Crystal Lovers!

Happy Summer Solstice Crystal Lovers!

It's 2 days before the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere today, which is associated with excitement, joy, and passion. There is an abundance of energy everywhere, one of them being in the form of certain crystals.

If your wishing to connect to the energies of summer through stones, the following top 5 are our favorites.

1.GOLDEN CALCITE- Bright & Vibrant like the sun, this stone is a powerful Solar plexus balancer. Perfect for manifestation of your dreams & desires. 

2. CITRINE- Carrying the power of the sun, it brings warmth, joy, and happiness into one’s life.

3. SUNSTONE- As the name indicates, Sunstone is connected to the sun. Ancients believed it was part of the sun and fell to earth during a full solar eclipse.

4.TIGER EYE-It's combination of earth and sun energy & is a stone of balance. It grounds solar energies, connecting to our lower chakras and bringing vital energy and motivation to the self. 

5.CARNELIAN- Ancient Egyptians called it ‘the setting sun’. Connecting to our Sacral Chakra, it controls the flow of life force energy through our bodies, increasing energy, motivation, and passion.


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