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Can you See The Face?

Can you See The Face?
Do You See The Face In The Rock Face? ;)
It is quite interesting how different images can appear in different rock formations. In this formation for me I can see 2 different faces. I often wonder if it is just, the composition of the rock in the mountain and random chance that water, wind and seismic forces just "happen" to bring out what appears to be faces, animals etc in natural rock.
I know for a certainty that these forces are the tools used to create these formations I see as faces. Could another more subtle tool be at work as well? ie electromagnetism, Life force energy, spirits or even a parallel universe? When I think about it what first comes to my mind is I sense that there could be a whole other world that is in parallel to ours.  And Because of its structure it has a subtle but very tangible effect on the "way" natures forces erodes a cliff side and why one rock breaks off and another stays stuck to the hill mountain or cliff. Even though they both had the same opportunity to break and fall.
Either way if seen as purely random chance or a work of art, made by influences outside our scope of understanding, natures geological formations and all it has to offer never ceases to amaze and evoke a sense of mystery in me, about the multi layered and diversely faceted Universe we exist in. 
Please feel free to let me know what you see if anything in this picture.
I welcome all opinions and ideas as long as they are diplomatically stated.
  • Jo Ellen Ryan - Apr 27, 2019

    I see MANY faces.

  • Christina - Feb 23, 2019

    I saw 2 faces immediately. I take lots of pics of the sky and my campfires and I always see faces. Outrageously awesome

  • Linda Kapusciarz - Oct 03, 2018

    I sure see them as well!

  • Willie - Jul 09, 2018

    Yes I can Se faces you see lots of different thing in Cliff and rock formations

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