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Truffle Chalcedony ~ Bubble Agate ~ One Pound

$ 33.33 USD
Weight: 454 g

Truffle Chalcedony, also known as womb stone, Botryoidal Chalcedony or  Bubble Agate, is a fairly recent discovery in the mineral kingdom, so it will be new to most collections! 

Here at Earth Family Crystals- these are a favorite! We love referring to these stones as "fairy poop" because of their unique magical, bubbly appearance. These Chalcedony nodules work to help the user activate their root chakra to build a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Use this crystal during metaphysical practice to slower your beingness, this stone allows you to collapse your thoughts and emotions to this 3 Dimensional plane to allow for you to clearly recognize and organize them.  This is a grounding and stabilizing stone that is good for revitalizing your spirit and creative energy. 

This listing is for ONE POUND of Truffle Chalcedony. Expect variety ~ there are no two stones that are exactly alike! Especially these very unique stones. 

Approx. size of each:

L- 4.5 cm

W- 5.5 cm

H- 4 cm