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Chunky Natural Citrine Points ~ Set of 2 ~ Perfect for Crystal Grids for Clarity and Thought

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Weight: 220 g

This listing is for one set of TWO Natural Citrine points pictured here. The set of two will be intuitively hand selected for you with the utmost love and care. Some of these points are also lemurian crystals!!! 

Natural Citrine is a member of the quartz family that gets its yellow pigmentation from deposits of iron. Open yourself up inside to increased clarity and thought through working with the healing energies of Citrine. Resonating with the Root and Solar Plexus chakras, this will make for a useful tool when stimulating optimism and a playful spirit. Use Citrine to enhance your creative imagination and to use as a manifesting tool when through your will. These crystals work powerfully to enhance the capability of other crystals surrounding it, and is also a self- charging crystal. 

Some of these points contain smoky phantoms! If you want specific ones, please reach out to us or leave a note during checkout! 

Dimensions (Approx. of each point):

L- 9 cm

W- 3 cm

H- 2.5 cm