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Set of 2~Unique Hydrothermal Etched Amethyst Points From Brazil

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This listing is for a SET Of 2 amethyst Points Similar to pictured. They will be hand selected for you with the utmost care & consideration. 
This incredibly rare hydrothermal etched Amethyst crystal is from a recent find from 2018 in Ceara, Northern Brazil. With these being Formed over the course of millions of years, these Amethyst crystals are hydrothermally etched, and are referred to as "dissolution" crystals.

This means that, they form in the ground as crystals and a hydrothermal solution at their source comes through at some point in the later stages of development (Most likely in the form of very hot, mineralized water) over the course of time, which actually pulls molecules away, creating these even more beautiful forms.
This makes them naturally carved by underground water flow, taking millions of years.
These Dissolution Amethyst Crystals have an energy of transformation & since they are Amethyst, the energy of these crystals is specifically connected to spirituality. They help to foster spiritual evolution and transformation.


Dimensions Approximately per point:

Length- 4.0 cm

Width- 2.0  cm

Height- 2.0 cm