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Top Grade AAA - 58ct Collectors Genuine Moldavite Natural Specimen - Locality: Czech Republic

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 **Please Note: This is a Top Grade AAA collectors Specimen of 100% Genuine Moldavite.  Send us a message for more pictures and/or videos if you wish. 

**We Include a certificate of Authenticity with this Moldavite. We guarantee this Moldavite is 100% Genuine. 

**Moldavite isn't being mined anymore, thus has been increasingly rare to find of this quality.

Moldavite carries an intense frequency, a fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial energies that are quickly felt, often dramatically in those who resonate with its power. Holding Moldavite for the first time can produce a sensation of heat, felt first in the hand, then progressively throughout the body. In some cases the heart chakra is activated, experienced as a pounding pulse, followed by sweating or flushing of the face, and an emotional release that may range from laughter to tears. Moldavite's frequency may take some getting used to, but its profound ability to accelerate one's personal and spiritual evolution makes it highly sought after in the metaphysical world, both for its life-altering capabilities and as a catalyst for drawing in Light to aid in Earth's healing.


Length- 3.0 cm

Width- 2.3 cm

Height- 1.3 cm