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11th (Galactic) Chakra ~Infused with Stargate sand, crystals and metals~ Stargate Energy

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The Galactic Orgonite Chakra is silver/black and is located approximately 18" above the Crown Chakra in the 4th Harmonic Universe. The angelic human Lightbody will integrate all lower forms and identities underneath itself. At this spiritual ascension integration level, the 11th Chakra descends into the area of the throat and replaces the 5th (Throat) Chakra.       

These Galactic Orgonite Chakras are infused with sands, high frequency crystals, grounding crystals, recharging, self-cleaning, and organic metals to bring EMF protection and to harmonize radiation fields.   

The sands were collected and transported from stargates around the world including Giza, Israel, Jordan, and Bermuda by our grid workers. No two orgonites are the same and one is uniquely hand-crafted. 

This listing is for ONE of the Chakras pictured here and will be intuitively hand selected with the utmost love and care.  

Thank you for supporting this mission, the Earth Family Crystals team is so excited and joyful to make these and bring them to the website! <3