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12th (Earth Star) Chakra ~Infused with sand, crystals and metals~ Chakra Energy

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These Earth Star Orgonites (12th Chakra) are infused with sands, high frequency crystals, grounding crystals, recharging, self-cleaning, and organic metals to bring EMF protection and to harmonize radiation fields. These are amazing!

The Earth Star is located 6 inches below your feet and holds hydroplasmic liquid light blueprint to your original angelic 12 DNA strands. This Chakra holds the KEY to your organic memories/future 12D timelines and your lightbody activation. Carry this orgonite with you or place in your pillow when you sleep.    
This special orgonite is infused with opalite, selenite, high frequency metals, rainbow moonstone, shungite, labradorite, and sand carrying the 432 herz for Gaia. 
This listing is for ONE of the Chakras pictured here and will be intuitively hand selected with the utmost love and care. Shipping may take up to 5-7 business days. 
Thank you for supporting this mission, the Earth Family Crystals team is so excited and joyful to make these and bring them to the website! <3