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Clear Apophyllite is excellent for enhancing clarity of thought and inner knowing, especially when faced with any belief systems which are based on fear. It‰'s also great for loving yourself and aiding you in becoming more spiritually whole. Clear apophyllite is a Stone of attunement , it creates a conscious connection between the physical form & spiritual realm. Apophyllite is an excellent meditation tool that will help with perceiving the connection of all things in creation, as well as your role in balancing the earth's energies. 


Stilbite raises one's consciousness of universal love. Pink Stilbite has a delicate quality, gently expanding a sense of self and beyond into the astral realm. Just holding a piece of gentle Stilbite reminds you that you are loved and cared for regardless of your circumstances. This is a powerful stone that brings a calming influence and has been used to assist in restful sleep and vivid dreaming. It brings inner peace during meditation. Stilbite facilitates clarity of thought, even in the most confusing circumstances. 


Black Chalcedony can be used for telepathy and transmission & absorbs negative energy,then dissipates it so that the energy doesn't move to someone else. Chalcedony removes unwanted feelings of hostility and removes sadness. Using this stone to meditate will help you become a more open and enthusiastic person. Chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment & sends feelings of generosity and benevolence to you. This stone removes self doubt and builds self confidence. Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and goodwill and will enhance a groups stability.



 Length - 15 cm

 Width - 12.5 cm

 Height - 8 cm

Weight : 1643 grams