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Very Rare ! Blooming Pink Tugtupite & White Natrolite Collectors Specimen From Greenland

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Weight: 14 g

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Rare Tugtupite crystals are tenebrescent, meaning that they possess the incredible ability to change colour to a deeper and darker pink when exposed to sunlight, almost like their blooming in the sun. Under ultraviolet radiation, they have a crimson fluorescence.

Tugtupite is a rare crystal from Greenland that holds the harmony of deep love within and has the pureness of intense deep love. Its vibration has the intensity to reawaken lost love and unremembered passion. If you acquiesce to its loving energy, Tugtupite may remove your sense of neutrality or apathy about love. It has a loving heart chakra and thymus chakra energy that will transform anyone who chooses to embrace its intensity.

Natrolite can assist in creating tremendous personal shifts, as they are high vibration crystals with fantastic energy. Suppose you are working on your spiritual growth. In that case, these crystals are extremely beneficial, and they work well in combination with other high-energy stones.

Length – 4.3 cm
Width – 3.0 cm
Height – 1.6 cm