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Petrified Wood is fossilized ancient wood & the cellular structure has been preserved with various minerals, creating a lasting replica of the original. It's a stone of adaptability and can help you to release worry, and not sweat the small stuff. Working with it can encourage you to remove whatever bogs you down, and motivate you to move forward bravely, step-by-step; to focus on the task-at-hand. It is both grounding and inspiring. Working with it can nudge you to go boldly forward and reach for the sky, one step at a time. It can help you download the “why” of any situation that is frustrating you, to understand what the lesson in it is, so that you can move on. It can help you grow beyond your current situation, step out of your comfort zone, and feel supported at the same time. It helps you to focus on what you can actually change, and to hell with the rest! You can use it in physical healing to strengthen your spine and bones. DIAMETER : 5.9 cm "LIKE" Us on FACEBOOK for Daily inspirational Quotes, Weekly Giveaways & New Products!

Weight : 228 grams