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Self Healed Arkansas Blue Phantom Quartz Cluster

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Blue Phantom quartz name comes from the color of the shale deposits which contain manganese found within the crystals and can be a greyish blue to deep indigo blue/black, depending on the concentration of the manganese.

Phantoms are meditation crystals and healing crystals used almost exclusively to get in touch with the inner self for purposes of self-knowledge. Blue Gray Phantoms are specifically used to help in understanding our inner needs that when satisfied will bring us the power we seek to make our way in the world.

Blue Phantom Quartz is a throat chakra crystal which helps us speak our truth; allowing us to fully express what is in our mind, should we choose to do so. If you tend to be shy, this is a great crystal for you to work with.


Length – 3.8 cm

Width – 3.0 cm

Height – 2.2 cm

Weight : 12 grams