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Seahorse Spirit Totem~ Blue Kyanite & Fuchsite Ooak Handmade Copper Necklace (24" chain)

$ 79.00 USD
Weight: 23 g

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Copper is known to be a fantastic conductor, thus can enhance the healing benefits of the stone that it is plated with. Copper has been worn since ancient times for its healing benefits of having natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities.

This is a natural crystal that has been electroformed with copper and strung on a copper-coloured chain. Our Copper Jewelry is left unsealed to further any positive effects of copper on the body.

This Copper pendant was handcrafted by our owner, Sabrina, in her cute little ocean studio on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Like a universal bridge, Blue Kyanite is an extraordinary crystal of connection, opening the mind centres while enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities. It helps bridge gaps in all communication efforts and provides a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy. It immediately aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, bringing tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being. It is an excellent stone for transitioning into deep meditative states.

Dimensions Including Bail:
Length -5.2 cm
Width -1.5 cm
Height -1.4 cm