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Renewal in Souls Purpose ~ Repair Lineages ~ Herkimer Diamond Set with Vivianite and Shangaan Amethyst ~ High Frequency Manifestation Set ~

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Weight: 65 g

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Herkimer Diamond~ Vivianite ~ Shangaan Amethyst 

This set is exclusively, one of a kind, hand selected by Kellie and serves those whom feel the pull to work with it's energies. Please read the detailed description on these enlightening gemstones contained in this set. 

Herkimer Diamond- This crystal is known for its powerful third eye attunement and ability to elevate manifestations. With crystal clear vision, healing, and purity, it stimulates clairvoyance and enhances dreams, visions, and astral travel. Experience the magic of this Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal that was hand selected by Kellie at the Tucson Gem Show from the miner herself! More photos upon request. Reach out to us to request a video of this gorgeous Herkimer! Open your Crown, Lunar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras with this treasure. Discover the magic of Herkimer Diamonds, ethically harvested by a skilled female miner who embraces a sustainable, handcrafted approach. Our Herkimer Diamonds are not just crystals; they're unique expressions of high vibrations, providing a clear bridge to spiritual communication and realizations.

 Why Choose Our Herkimer Diamonds?

  • Ethical Sourcing: Mined by a dedicated New York miner using minimal power tools, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly process.
  • One of a Kind: Each Herkimer Diamond is distinct, possessing its own unique vibration—uplifting, joyful, purifying—ready to enhance your intentions and frequency.

Shangaan Amethyst is a fusion of amethyst, clear quartz, and smoky quartz, each imbued with its unique energy signature. Yet, what sets it apart are the enigmatic enhydros, scepters, and hematite inclusions that adorn its crystalline matrix, infusing it with additional grounding and strength. These natural formations speak to the deep wisdom of the land, imparting a sense of resilience and fortitude to all who encounter them.Mined with reverence and respect by the villagers of the region, Shangaan Amethyst is extracted using hand tools only, ensuring minimal impact on the delicate balance of nature. This harmonious approach to mining reflects the sacred bond between the people and the land, honoring the earth's gifts while preserving its vitality for generations to come.In the realm of energy healing, Shangaan Amethyst is revered for its profound influence on the chakras, particularly the Root, Crown, and Soul Star. By aligning these vital energy centers, it facilitates a deep sense of balance and harmony, allowing individuals to transcend earthly limitations and connect with their higher selves.As a master healer, Shangaan Amethyst holds the power to catalyze profound transformation on both a personal and collective level. Its gentle yet potent energy gently dissolves barriers and clears away stagnant energy, paving the way for new beginnings and spiritual growth.

Vivianite, a gem of profound significance, transcends mere aesthetics to become a beacon of spiritual renewal and resilience. In the realm of crystal healing, it emerges as a potent remedy for burnout, offering a sanctuary for weary souls seeking to refocus on their life's purpose and realign with their true essence.
With its ethereal essence, Vivianite serves as a catalyst for reawakening, inviting individuals to delve deeper into their ascension journey. Its energies propel seekers forward, igniting a fervent call to action for spirit and soul fulfillment. No obstacle can deter the determined, for Vivianite instills an unwavering conviction that nothing can impede one's path to growth and enlightenment.
Within its crystalline matrix lies the essence of the Emerald Dragon Order, ancient energies that awaken dormant potentials and unlock the sacred codes of transformation. As higher realms intertwine with earthly existence, Vivianite becomes a conduit for divine guidance, nurturing the inner fire that burns with purpose.


Vivianite- 9.5 g

Herkimer Diamond- 13.7 grams

Amethyst- 13.8 grams