Rare & Intense Deep Burgundy Eudialyte Pendant In Sterling Silver (Includes Silver Chain)

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Personal Power stone Eudialyte carries positive vibrations & has an ability to assist heart based loving energy to fill your life. Eudialyte brings your Heart and Base Chakras into alignment so you can action all of those Divine insights and follow the path of joyous co-creation with all of reality. It allows for your heart's deepest desires to manifest in the physical world. It allows the things that you love the most to become part of your everyday life, thus allowing for a more fulfilling life. It has a strong ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life. Hidden within its crystalline structure are pools and flashes of light, and rainbows that spark ideas within you. It hints at dreams and inspiration as if calling you towards the life you came to live, the one that will fulfill you on every level! Eudialyte increases your energy and boosts confidence, self-expression and creativity. It helps you to overcome doubt, self-criticism, confusion and fear. Its energies support you as you move in the direction of your dreams.

Dimensions Including Bail :

Length – 3.8 cm

Width – 2.7 cm

Height – 0.6 cm

Weight : 7 grams