Powerful LITHIUM QUARTZ POINT~ Relieves Stress, Depression, Tension**

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The vibration of Lithium quartz can help with stress, depression and anxiety. It will move throughout your entire body, healing areas of the aura that need help and activating all of the chakras. Lithium Quartz is a beautiful crystal, and not just to look at. It has a sweet calming energy that is effective to help stress and tension It is an excellent meditation stone that will heighten the profoundness of your inner journey and support spiritual growth. It takes you easily to the higher realms and helps you to make heart felt spiritual connections that have an amazing beauty and depth. You can easily use this lovely crystal for self healing as it has a beautiful energy that moves throughout your entire body, healing wounds in the aura and in the emotional body, and activating all of the chakras. It first makes a connection at the heart chakra and this is a beautiful and profoundly loving energy that brings emotional healing. The energy of the Lithium Quartz then moves up to the third eye, where its vibration will benefit you, by having an effect on the area at the front of the brain that relates to your ability to perceive visually, and to receive the vibrations from spirit. **DIMENSIONS: Length 8 cm, Width 2.2 cm Height 2 cm. "LIKE" Us on FACEBOOK for Daily inspirational Quotes, Weekly Giveaways & New Products!

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