One Unique Shiva's Eye (Cat Eye) Specimen From Madagascar

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This listing is for one Shiva's Eye Shell also known as Cat's Eye Shell similar to what is pictured. Operculum is the name given to the door (plate or shield) of a certain type of Snail's shell which serves as protection from predators and from physical and chemical stresses. When they are sealed into their shell sanctuary, they are also protected against dehydrating during drought and dry weather. This is a very special shell offering many metaphysical gifts. You can take a cue to its spiritual properties from its physical properties ... a natural shield and protection from many elements ... a doorway/portal to the ethereal realms - you get the idea. They may even share their secrets to keeping hydrated for moist, youthful skin. The natural Fibonacci spiral that is present on the one side accompanied by the "cats eye" on the other side links them to the 3rd eye. If you're working on opening the 3rd eye, you may find this being to be a most helpful guide. This shell would also be a great ally when working with water energy.

Dimensions Are Approximate:

Length – 4.7 cm

Width – 4.2 cm

Height – 1.4 cm

Weight : 30 grams