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NEW FIND! Picturesque Pinolite Necklace on Adjustable cord (Locale: Canadian Mountains) #6

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Weight: 17 g

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Originally the only known locale of this stone was in the Lower Tauern mountain range in Austria, but that is not the case anymore. In the summer of 2018 in the beautiful & rugged Canadian Mountains, a group of gold miners made the most monumental discovery, Pinolite within Canada. 

Pinolite is a rare stone, Radiometric dating estimates that this mineral was formed around 500 million years ago. It consists of dolomite, howlite & graphite with traces of other minerals. This stone forms when Howlite (Magnesite) nodules settle in layers of Graphite and Dolomite before becoming encased and frozen in time. This Canadian Pinolith variety contains minor traces of additional minerals such as quartz, titanite, zircon, apatite, pyrite, and possibly Muscovite. 

Pinolite radiates a subtle, yet soft vibration. It's a stone of balance and inner peace, perfect to use during your meditation practice. The magnesite portion can assist in self-love & more patience with oneself. The dolomite portion can help with stability and grounding out your energy. Pinolite can serve as an amulet of strength so you can tap into whatever your soul desires at this current time

Dimensions of Adjustable Cord: 22-24 inch length

Dimensions of stone:  

Length- 3.7 cm

Width- 3.8 cm

Height- 0.7 cm