Jumbo Quebec Fairy Stone Concretion From Canada

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Fairy Stones, are gorgeous naturally smoothed stones composed of Calcium Carbonate and were formed in quaternary deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers, specific to Northern Quebec. These concretions only form when the conditions are just right. The irregular lines on certain stones are traces left by miniature worms, or organic remains, which were fossilized thousands of years ago. They reveal themselves as textured etchings on an otherwise smooth surface. The Algonquin's often carried these treasures as luck charms when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions. The biggest specimens occupied a place of honour in their homes. According to legend, these stones assured protection against bad spirits and brought good health and prosperity to the occupants of the premises. Moulded by nature, each stone is one of a kind, making them unique personalities and collection pieces. The Harricana river is named after these stones which resemble biscuits, as in Algonquin Harricana means "River of the Biscuits" These stones have a strong link to the nurturing energies of the Earth Mother, they teach care and concern for the planet and all those upon it, and will assist you with any Earth-related work you undertake, as well as grounding, healing and manifesting Earthly abundance.


Length – 12.5 cm

Width – 10.9 cm

Height – 1.0 cm

Weight : 240 grams