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Jet Specimen ~ From the U.S.A

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Weight: 22 g

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Jet, much like many black stones, crystals and minerals, is a very useful tool to keep in your collection. It is believed that Jet can work on the physical, spiritual and mental bodies  transforming painful experiences into lessons for you to learn and grow. Jet is a variety of coal known as lignite, typically black or dark brown in color. Jet sometimes will contain inclusions of Pyrite that may create a brassy, metallic luster. Jet is organic in origin, and is also known as black amber, although it in fact, not actually Amber, but is a form of petrified wood. 

Jet is a protective stone that is in connected to the root chakra, good to use for stimulating Kundalini energy to rise from root to crown.


L- 4 cm

W- 4 cm

H- 1 cm