Incredible Flashes! Large Mexican Fire Opal Bear & Fish Display Carving

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Mexican Fire Opals help utilize the elemental energy of Fire to awaken ones passion, from bodily desires to spiritual ecstasy. These stone may stimulate the Base and Sacral Chakras, activate ones chi, and can give rise to the kundalini energy. They are perfect for stimulating the triple-burner meridian in acupressure/acupuncture.

They can attune to the creative energy of the Universe and promote the expression of ones emotions through art. Ideal stones for business endeavors, Fire Opals draw in money, facilitate change, and usher in progress. They make excellent charms for those who wish to be independent and live by their own rules, and for those who wish to make their mark in life, either personally or professionally.

Dimensions :

Length - 6.8 cm

Width -4.2 cm

Height - 2.6 cm

Weight : 58 grams