Fantastic Black Threads Tourmalated Quartz Ring In Sterling Silver (Size 7)

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Tourmalated quartz crystals have strong metaphysical properties, they encourage a large amount of light to encircle your body, and this will heal you on many levels. The addition of this light into your being makes these powerful healing crystals. This is because this combination embodies both the energy of Black Tourmaline and the strong vibration of Clear quartz crystals, which amplifies the Tourmaline energy. Just like Black Tourmaline, Tourmalated quartz stones have a strong spiritual grounding energy as well as being potent psychic protection stones. These stones have a powerful ability to clear your auric field of negativity. When the light that resonates from these crystals surrounds the body, this acts as a powerful protective field of energy, to keep you safe, and shield you from harm. Tourmalated Quartz crystals are powerful healing stones on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Dimensions Stone and Setting :

Length –2.5 cm

Width – 1.8 cm

Height – 0.7 cm

Weight : 8 grams