Double Puff Balls of Creamy White Scolecite & Pink Stilbite Inclusions | Earth Family Crystals

Double Puff Balls of Creamy White Scolecite & Pink Stilbite Inclusions

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Scolecite enhances the heart chakra energies & opens the door to more spontaneous expressions of love exchanged between lovers, scolecite creates a heart-to-heart connection. Scolecite helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources. It can help enhance the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep. Those who experience energy blockages may find Scolecite helpful, as it can break through stagnant energies, emotional, physical, and mental, allowing for the free-flowing of energies through all of the Chakras.

Just holding a piece of gentle Stilbite reminds you that you are loved and cared for regardless of your circumstances. Stilbite raises one's consciousness of universal love. Pink Stilbite has a delicate quality, gently expanding a sense of self and beyond into the astral realm. This is a powerful stone that brings a calming influence and has been used to assist in restful sleep and vivid dreaming. It brings inner peace during meditation. Stilbite facilitates clarity of thought, even in the most confusing circumstances.


Length – 8.0 cm

Width – 4.2 cm

Height – 3.6 cm

Weight : 92 grams

( Conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Please note that this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.