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Complete Collection of FOUR Essential Oil Soy Candles for Every Intention Needed ~ 8oz each Handpoured in Small Batches

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Are you looking for a specific intention for the day? This set perfectly combines all FOUR of our most delicious smelling essential oil soy candle blends. No matter what energy you need to help you get through your day feeling incredible, you'll get it with these candles. 

Each candle contains an entire 10ml bottle of pure essential oils!

This set includes all FOUR of these 8oz essential oil soy candle intention blends:

I am Energized- This essential oil blend is invigorating with juicy and refreshing Orange, Lemon, and Lemongrass essential oils. It is topped with Carnelian and Calendula flowers. 

I am Grounded- This essential oil blend is warm, earthy and woody Cedarwood, Patchouli, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils. It is topped with Tiger Eye, Hibiscus flowers, and Rosemary. 

I am Relaxed- This essential oil blend is fresh and floral lavender with sweet patchouli and warm cedarwood essential oils. It is topped with Lepidolite and Lavender. 

I am Loved- This essential oil blend is sweet and slightly fruity floral of Ylang/Ylang, orange and cinnamon essential oils. It is topped with Rose Quartz, Rose petals and Cedar. 

Burn time is approximately 45 hours each. All our candles are made using high-quality soy wax, a hemp wick and infused with a 100% pure essential oil blend that we have uniquely curated. 

 **Each one of these candles is specially made just for you. So the stone shape, colour, and quantity of herbs may vary slightly from candle to candle. **

*Essential oil candles are a muted scent. There is no synthetic fragrance oil added to our candles.*

**Never leave your candle unattended. Earth Family Crystals store is not liable for any fires caused by this candle. By making this purchase, you agree to our terms and conditions.**