Clear Purple VERA CRUZ AMETHYST Points On Intricate Matrix

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Rare & highly sought after, Vera Cruz Amethyst is a crystal of awakening and transformation as it has a higher vibration then the more common Amethyst around. When Placing a Vera Cruz Amethyst over the Third Eye Chakra, the Pineal gland begins to resonate and awaken. The Pineal Gland then magnetically attracts universal ‰"cosmic light‰" energy, down through the Crown Chakra and into the Third Eye and into the Causal Chakra (at the back of the head), side Chakra‰'s (above the ears) and the Alta Major Chakra at the base of the skull. This formation builds a ‰"Golden Diamond of Light Energy‰" around the head.The activation of our Golden Crown Diamond was an essential tool used by our ancient civilizations of Lemuria and early Atlantis, for consciously working with the activation and attunement of our DNA. Try lying down in a quite place on a regular basis, out in nature would be ideal, and place a piece of Vera Cruz on your third eye to activate your DNA. 

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