Cavansite Pedulum

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Cavansite is a stone of transition through major life changes. It helps you to make sense of previous experiences, or life lessons that you may have had difficulty with in the past, and to optimistically and happily deal it. Cavansite aids you to let go of faulty thinking and be comfortable in the knowledge of your actions. It aids your ability to connect with spirit and is a highly useful stone for those in psychic employment. Cavansite aids you to remember information gained from spiritual journeys, and facilitates the clear communication of messages from the spirit world.

Clear Quartz is the master Crystal as it can be programmed with any intention, and amplify it. Clear quartz enhances memory and heals ones Aura. Clear quartz is a stone of light bringing a heightened spiritual awareness to whoever carries, wears. or meditates with it. Clear quartz can be used to amplify the energies of other stones.

You will recieve one like the one in the picture. If you would like to see an exact picture send us a message and we will be happy to provide one for you.


Length - 1.5 cm

Width - 1.5 cm

Height - 3 cm

Weight : 10 grams