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Blue Sky Opal Stone Carving ~ Two Headed Snake

$ 66.00 USD
Weight: 239 g

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This listing is for the exact carving pictured here. This carving has a very uniquely placed druzy in the snakes mouth! 

Chakras: All

Blue Sky Opal is a powerful tool for reducing oxidative stress to improve overall well-being. It can also act as an energetic cleanser, relieving mind, body and soul of dense energies; and clearing mental blocks so ideas can flow freely. To further promote psychic abilities, this carving resonates especially with the heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. The blue hue symbolizes the balance of water and sky, Blue Opal sure to help you remember and honor your soul contract.

Weight and Dimensions:

229.5 grams

L- 9.5 cm

W- 7 cm

H- 3.5 cm