Beautiful Forest & Lime Green SERPENTINE SPHERE With PYRITE Veins*

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Serpentine Awakens Kundalini energy & assists one in exploring the deep history of the earth and nature.Serpentine is Soothing to the emotional body, allowing one to release fear of change and hardship. It will help one to look to the future with excitement & expectation.Serpentine is an exceptional meditation stone, it will assist one in finding inner peace, as well as clearing the mind to become closer with oneself. Serpentine stone often contains Black Magnetite or Lodestone within it... which is a magnetic mineral. Natural Serpentine with this inclusion look quite different to the normal green stones. They may aid you to access the energy of the planet and may aid those who wish to heal the earth. Place a piece of the Serpentine rock in your garden to aid the process. 

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