Angelic Being CELESTITE & DANBURITE Energy Pendant* Hippie Healing, Magic, Reiki

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***This pendant is perfect to help you connect to the angelic realm & a great addiction to a meditation program! The Setting is made out of quality clay, & the pendant comes on a adjustable cotton Cord. ***Celestite offers a gentle, uplifting energy which can raise and expand one's awareness into the higher realms. It is one of the most effective stones for accessing the angelic realm and can facilitate communication between oneself and one's guardian angels or angelic guides. It stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras and the etheric chakras above the head. It is a soft stone both physically and energetically. As it elevates one's awareness, Celestite makes one feel as if one is floating on a cloud rather than zooming in a rocket. Celestite is a stone of communication with "stories to tell." It provides for access to, and transfer of, information from the purity of the angelic realms. It assists in clairaudient endeavours, affording lucid, distinct, and articulate verbalization of the messages received. It also provides an innate wisdom accessible to the user with respect to one's advancement in the spiritual kingdom. ***Danburite is a healing crystal with a very sweet and pure vibration, with an energy that is extremely uplifting to the spirit. Danburite is a highly spiritual healing stone that gently yet powerfully opens the crown chakra then links and attunes it with the heart chakra. This combination activates the intellect and higher consciousness from a heart based perspective. Danburite Crystals will also assist you to let go of fear and anxiety and help you if you are suffering with grief. They are powerful for those of you who experience stress and worry, and provide excellent methods to relieve stress. Using it may aid healing of family conflict by promoting peace and harmony. It encourages the heart to resonate with Divine love which also promotes self love. **DIMENSIONS: Length 6.4 cm, Width 2.5 cm, Height 2.2 cm "LIKE" Us on FACEBOOK for Daily inspirational Quotes, Weekly Giveaways & New Products!

Weight : 37 grams